Sponsoring Tess Unlimited Guatemala

New smile for kids collection

There is no comparison between Guatemala and the Western World. Especially, when you are still a child, with your whole life ahead of you. The Dutch foundation Tess Unlimited offers much-needed medical care for children born with a Cleft lip and Cleft palate. In this way, we bend a possibly socially-isolated life into a healthy place within its own community. Tess Unlimited facilitates the change from children with almost no chance at obtaining a good future to proactive thinkers and doers, who inspire and teach others.

We sponsor Tess Unlimited and donate 25 to 50% of the bracelets in the “New smile for kids collection”. Tess Unlimited makes the difference between isolation and a smile and future for a child.

Below an impression of the “New smile for kids collection”. Click on an image to view the entire collection.