Men’s bracelet classic B8 – Tiger eye – Oxidized Sterling Silver – Vintage leather


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Tough robust high-quality men’s bracelet of vintage buffalo leather, beautiful Tiger Eye beads of 8 mm and oxidized Sterling Silver bead holders. It is already guessed that these beads resemble the eye of a tiger. The bracelet is adjustable in length. This bracelet is developed because Tigereye is not durable to string with ordinary wire no matter how strong this wire is. The microscopic fibers in Tigereye are so sharp that a bracelet strung with normal cord breaks and/or flutters after a few days. We have experienced this from experience and research and have created this unique piece of jewelry in our studio.

This bracelet is fair trade and 100% Dutch handmade from the best materials

Materials: vintage buffalo leather / Tiger eye 8mm beads / coconut button / sterling silver pins and end caps on the leather cord and exceedingly strong nanowire.

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